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Support for the Coalition of Rainforest Nations

All through January Launch Party is committing 50% of Proceeds to the Coalition of Rainforest Nations

The damaging effects of climate change is too obvious to ignore. The truth is, the climate related tragedies are effecting communities all over the world. We believe the business community must be active partners to help solve this problem. Protecting the rainforests is the best way to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere that is causing the Earth's climate to warm.
The Coalition for Rainforest Nations is one of the most impactful charities in the environmental space. The organization partners with the governments and communities that are responsible for the world's rainforests and works to create the policies and tools for sustainable livelihoods that will protect forests, biodiversity, animals, water supplies and our climate – the life support systems of our planet.  
Through the highly effective work of the Coalition of Rainforest Nations, a donation of only 12 cents is estimated to reduce 1 metric ton of CO2 from the atmosphere. A donation of $100 will reduce 857 metric tons of CO2, the equivalent of 53 Americans' average yearly emissions! We believe supporting this organization's work is the best way our community can make an impact on this dire issue. ⁠Please visit the Coalition for Rainforest Nations to learn more and consider donating directly as well. 
We also want to say a very heartfelt thank you to our community for your support and everything you do everyday to make a difference. Party On!