• Anti Bad Vibe Shield Bath Soak
  • Anti Bad Vibe Shield Bath Soak
Wild Yonder Botanicals

Anti Bad Vibe Shield Bath Soak

Purify body and spirit with the anti-bad vibe salt soak—a collaboration between Wild Yonder Botanicals and pro surfer and artist Ozzie Wrong.

Wild Yonder Botanicals bath salt soaks combine crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, bio dynamic honey, organic jojoba and organic essential oils and resins into a multi-sensory bathing experience. Hand blended and full of good vibrations. Beckoning your soul to be still, enter the waters and soak.


Product Highlights
  • Quartz-charged sea and epsom salt blend
  • Bio-dynamic honey & jojoba oil moisturizes skin
  • Naturally scented with intentional blend of essential oils
  • Eco-friendly paper packet


How To Use It

Pour entire packet in bath and relax.



Quartz Charged Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Bio-Dynamic Honey, Organic Jojoba Oil, and Essential Oils of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Rose

2 oz

  • $6.00