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Could you fall in love with a face cleanser?

Posted by Brittany Cochran on

Activist Collective did the impossible—they got me all excited about a cleanser! Yes, a CLEANSER 🙌⁠

Maybe you're like me–I hate washing my face. I roll my eyes at double cleansing. I can't believe people go through that twice in a row!⁠

For several years now I've been lazily using a certain popular micellar water. My skin is chronically dry and literally every cleanser leaves it feeling worse. I know oil cleansers are good for dry skin, but it bothers me that it never feels like the cleanser is off my face, even after 10,000 splashes of water. It's still there... ⁠

AND THEN this blue dream came into my LIFE! ⁠

I honestly never thought my skin could feel so clean and hydrated at the same time. I'm not joking–her effectiveness is not to be taken lightly. This deep blue oil/gel hybrid deep cleanses with Grapeseed oil and then gently exfoliates with beta hydroxy acids from fruit & sugar extracts. ⁠

The best part–it RINSES OFF easily thanks to a gentle, non-toxic emulsifier. Couple splashes of water, you're ready to go. ⁠

The subtle cucumber smell is one of my favorite scents and now I actually get excited to wash my face! Did you ever think that was possible? I didn't, but I'm a believer now! ⁠

Shop this incredible and exciting product here–

Activist Collective Sea To Skin Cleaning Gel

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