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  • | Brittany Cochran

    10 simple skincare tips to avoid maskne

    Yes, maskne. The term is as irritating as the actual condition of mask induced acne. As if you needed more stress in your life—in 2020 an unfortunate side effect of being a conscientious human is acne. Why do bad things happen to good people??

    Thankfully, with a few adjustments you can regain peace and tranquility in your skin and keep maskne at bay. Read on!

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  • | Brittany Cochran

    Could you fall in love with a face cleanser?

    Activist Collective did the impossible—they got me all excited about a cleanser! Yes, a CLEANSER 🙌⁠ Maybe you're like me–I hate washing my face. I roll my eyes at double cleansing. I can't believe people go through that twice in a row!⁠For several years now I've been lazily using a certain popul... View Post
  • | Brittany Cochran

    It's Summer, But Don't Break Up With Your Face Oil!

    It’s summer now so face oils are out, right? Nope! Here’s why you should stay committed. Face oils add crucial vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that our skin needs no matter what the temperature is outside. Two words: Air Conditioning. You know it will be blasting. And guess what—that dries... View Post