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    Our party gives back ❤︎

    Launch Party has partnered with Shopping Gives and will donate 3% of every sale to a non-profit of your choice.  View Post
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    Are you using the best face cleanser for your skin type?

    Cleansers all do exactly what you think they do—clean your face. But how they accomplish that clean face all depends on the formulation. So how do you choose the right cleanser? We’ll break down the most popular formulas and help you narrow down the best formulas for your skin type.  ~ Gel Cleans... View Post
  • | Brittany Cochran

    10 simple skincare tips to avoid maskne

    Yes, maskne. The term is as irritating as the actual condition of mask induced acne. As if you needed more stress in your life—in 2020 an unfortunate side effect of being a conscientious human is acne. Why do bad things happen to good people??

    Thankfully, with a few adjustments you can regain peace and tranquility in your skin and keep maskne at bay. Read on!

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