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Launch Party Stands In Solidarity With BIPOC

To the Launch Party community & beyond–


I stand in complete solidarity with the Black community and condemn police brutality, racism and injustice in all forms. 


Black Lives Matter—everyday and everywhere. I have been actively listening, learning, and reflecting on how I can take action to be a better partner to the Black community, as a business owner and in my personal life.


I founded Launch Party to amplify small, independently-owned beauty brands and to introduce their amazing products to new audiences in a way that is fun and uplifting. The beauty of supporting mostly women-owned small businesses is that many of our brand partners are also committed to values I share and that I believe will help to move our society towards a brighter future. Many of the brands we carry offer fair wages for their workforce, give back a portion of their revenue to causes in their community, source sustainable and organic ingredients, and create personal care products made with healthier ingredients for our bodies and for the earth.


Beyond face masks and bubble baths, Self-care is a ritual we utilize to make space for compassion, empathy and love for ourselves. So in my view, this business has always been about more than just beauty and its certainly more than buying and selling another beauty product. It is about expecting more from the brands that earn our trust and our money. And it is about turning around and extending that compassion, empathy and love we develop for ourselves, out into the world. 


It is my goal to provide you with products that inspire you to care for your unique and beautiful selves in your own way. I want every person who visits Launch Party to have the same positive and uplifting experience and to feel welcome and represented—regardless of race, size, sexual orientation or age. 


Nearly all of the brands we carry are women-owned and almost 20% of those brands are founded by WOC. I recognize, however, that there is still room for improvement. Regrettably, only 4% of our brands represent Black-Owned beauty. I clearly can and must do better than that. 


It’s hard to overstate just how tiny Launch Party is at this time. This self-funded passion project of mine does not in any way have an assured path to success—I still very much need your support. However, regardless of the size and reach of my business at this time, I am taking the @15percentpledge and committing to at least 15% representation of Black WOC brands in my shop. As Launch Party (hopefully!) grows into a bigger part of the beauty community, I will continue to be a partner in the fight for opportunity and representation of Black WOC in the beauty retail space for as long as this company operates.


I fully recognize that my white, sis-gendered body affords me privilege that many do not have access to. In my personal time, I am taking action by contacting my local elected officials, donating, signing petitions, listening, learning and speaking out against racism of all kinds. And I intend to remain committed to this fight for however long it takes. 


I encourage anyone with with feedback or suggestions on how I can be a better ally to always feel welcome to contact me directly at I am ready to listen and learn with an open heart. 


With love and gratitude,