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About Our Party — old page

Launch Party began as a little dream that soon developed into an ambitious plan which finally took it's earthly form at this very web address within the vast world wide web universe. And here you are! We're so happy you found us!


 Who We Are

Our founder, Brit Cochran has been a Makeup Artist for over 10 years. She has always been passionate about products and really went out of her way to fill her kit with makeup and skincare that was out of the ordinary. As the years wore on, she started feeling frustrated with the current state of beauty retail. The shops were crowded, dirty and unkept. Their selection was overwhelming and it was hard to find anything beyond the usual big names. There were a few boutiques that offered a thoughtful, curated experience–but those had an aesthetic that was overly soft and pink which she felt didn't represent her and a lot of modern women out there. There were also SO MANY underrepresented brands with quality products! She began dreaming of a place she could shop for beauty that was actually modern, fun, bold, and artistic–where she could find new brands and support small independent beauty creators. 
She soon realized she would have to create for herself this perfect place. In the summer 2019 Launch Party opened for business to gather all her favorite independent beauty products into one inspiring place to shop and to make shopping for beauty friendly, approachable and inclusive experience. 

Our Values

Support Small Business

We believe that beauty is personal. When you choose to shop from independent brands you are not just a number, you are actually valued. Your purchase makes a big impact on the person who is pouring their heart, time, money and efforts into creating a product that you will love. Oftentimes, an independent beauty product is more sustainable as well. Small brands are more likely to offer 100% recycled packaging, their products usually contain no rainforest destroying palm oil, and since their production quantities remain small more of their ingredients tend to be from organic sources. Better for you and better for the environment. 

All Beauty Rituals are for Self Appreciation
Whatever products you use, whether its 2 or 20, that time you spend taking care of yourself and your body is an essential ritual to appreciate our bodies that allow us to experience the fullness of this life on Earth. Self care doesn't happen only on Sundays, it can and should happen everyday in even the small ways. You can spend 5 minutes or an hour. Whatever amount of time you can give yourself, do it mindfully and with products that make you happy, so that in those few minutes everyday you can give yourself love and respect. Because when we show ourselves love and respect we are more willing to extend love, understanding and respect to others we encounter in the world. 
Zero Judgement

Beauty is not a follow the rules kind of exercise. Beauty, and especially makeup, is about expression. We believe you should use products in every and any way you personally like. And you should never be made to feel like what you enjoy is wrong. Do you boo. 


We recognize that the beauty industry (along with all consumer goods) is quite wasteful has a loooong way to go to be considered sustainable. While we are proud to work with a lot of brands that use recycled packaging and organic ingredients, we know this is not enough. It is our Brit's passion to find ways to be a more environmentally responsible company. The first step is to recognize the opportunities for improvement (check!) and we are committed to finding ways to be more sustainable.