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Astro-Tarot Reading
Astro-Tarot Reading
Astro-Tarot Reading

Astro-Tarot Reading

Conscious Seed Apotheca

On April 6th, meet with Astrologer and Herbalist, Chelsee Joel from Conscious Seed Apotheca, for a 30-minute Astrology+Tarot reading.

These Astro-Tarot readings help you navigate the celestial tapestry of your life, bringing clarity to the chaos. Please pre-book your reading using the book now button below.

About Chelsee: Chelsee is a trained astrologer, tarot reader, and herbalist specializing in nourishing the nervous system. She brings a unique perspective to her practice by delving into the intricate connections between celestial elements and their profound influence on human experiences. With over seven years of dedicated study and giving readings, she has emerged as a proficient practitioner and teacher.

What to expect: During your reading, Chelsee will explore essential aspects of your unique natal chart and go over current planetary transits, which will help deepen your understanding and relationship with yourself. She will also pull tarot cards to support and affirm guidance.

Usually, these readings cover many aspects of your life, including your purpose, relationships, career, and goals, and give you a timeline to work with. Feel free to ask specific questions about major life events; readings are a great way to help you find clarity and peace of mind. Come with an open mind and heart. 


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