• Mini Claw
  • Mini Claw

Mini Claw

Mini buns, big buns, all your buns! Just twist and secure your hair with a couple of these cuties. Remember all those times you've literally spent 10 mins in front of the mirror, trying to get that perfect bun from one dumb rubber band?? Ew.


Key Benefits & Uses 
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • This clip measures about 1" wide
  • Pattern may be a bit irregular due to production and materials used.
  • Cellulose acetate body, nickel-free and tested hardware
    About the Brand

    Chunks started as a one-woman show in Spring 2019, and has since evolved into a 5 person team. The designs are always inspired by colors, culture, and art! On a mission to support responsible manufacturing, Chunks hair accessories are made from a durable acetate which allows them to avoid petroleum based conventional plastics. 

      • $7.00