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Are you using the best face cleanser for your skin type?

Posted by Brittany Cochran on

Cleansers all do exactly what you think they do—clean your face. But how they accomplish that clean face all depends on the formulation. So how do you choose the right cleanser? We’ll break down the most popular formulas and help you narrow down the best formulas for your skin type. 


Gel Cleansers

Clear colored with an expected gel-like consistency. Gel cleansers are great for deep cleansing—unclogging pores, removing excess oils and killing bacteria with its antiseptic properties. They have a slippery texture and produce little suds compared to a soapy cleanser.  

Who should use a gel cleanser? Oily, Acne-prone and combination skin types


Cream or Milky Cleansers

Opaque, milky and creamy consistency as the name implies. These cleansers are thick, have moisturizing ingredients like botanical oils and almost never include sulfates so don’t expect suds or a lather. This type of cleanser will gently cleanse the surface of the skin without stripping away the moisture. It’s best to apply this type of cleanser on dry skin (don’t dilute the formula) and remove with a soft, warm cloth. 

Who should use a cream/milky cleanser? Dry and sensitive skin types


Oil Cleansers

As described, Oil Cleansers are oils that cleanse the skin. The texture is oily which may sound completely counterintuitive. But remember—oil attracts oil. These cleansers are ideal for removing pore-clogging debris and sebum without drying skin out. Apply the cleanser to dry skin in circular motions. Remove with a soft, warm cloth. Often it’s helpful to do a second cleanse with a gel or cream cleanser. 

Who should use an oil cleanser? Most skin types, including oily and acne-prone. REALLY.  


Gel/Oil Hybrid Cleansers

The combination of an oil and gel cleansing ingredients provide a deep, yet gentle cleanse with a clean rinsing formula that eliminates the need for a second cleanse. 

Who should use a gel/oil hybrid cleanser? Great for all skin types. 


Foam Cleansers

These cleansers start out as a cream or gel and then burst into a bubbling texture. Much like a gentler version of a soap, the fluffy foam texture thoroughly cleanses skin from and reaches deep down into pores to clear away dirt and clogging debris. 

Who should use a foaming cleanser? Oily and combination skin types. 


Cleansing Balms

These products are rich, thick almost solid formulas that give skin a deep cleanse. The product will usually come in a jar instead of a traditional pump. These oil rich cleansers breakdown makeup and dissolve sebum buildup without stripping the skin of its moisture or causing irritation. To use a cleansing balm, warm the product in your fingers and then apply to dry skin in a circular motion. Remove with a soft, warm wet cloth. 

Who should use a cleansing balm? All skin types



And a final note. Using a makeup wipe is not the same as washing your face. Those should ONLY be used for airplanes, festivals and emergencies. Now go wash up!

Take care, party on!


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