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We're Live! Come Party With Us!

Posted by Brittany Cochran on

This is a super exciting moment for me! I can hardly believe this day is here! So many hours, days and months have been spent researching, prepping, learning, designing, creating–doing all the things to get a company off the ground. And now, finally! FINALLY! Launch Party is live!

First- a quick introduction. My name is Brit Cochran and I'm the owner of this special little slice of internet main street. I have been a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for the past 10 years. I've had an extremely fortunate career that allowed me to travel the world and work with amazing people of all kinds. In my makeup chair I've had models, celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, musicians, designers, editors and brides. I feel so lucky to have fallen into this industry and I have collected a treasure trove of memories and experiences. Ironically, this job is not glamorous like you might be thinking. To be honest, it's a lot of before dawn call times, brush washing and so much schlepping (my kit is a suitcase that weighs 65 lbs). What makes this job the best is the opportunity it has given me to meet a vast array of humans and to have one on one time to connect with each person that sits in my chair in a truly personal way. Over 10 years I've worked on thousands of faces and I've learned over and over how all people are incredibly unique. And I've always challenged myself to reflect each persons uniqueness in my artistry. 

I don't remember when this became part of me, but for many years I have dreamed of owning my own little shop. I have this quaint vision of myself wearing an apron and stocking shelves and placing fresh flowers on the cash wrap. It's so adorable, and clearly absurd. Because my experience creating this shop has not ever been so quaint and I've been smacked in the face with reality over and over again, as life tends to do. It's all good though, because through it all I've held tightly to this simple desire to have a fun little home away from home, to connect with people, brighten their day, give a little inspiration or at the very least, a smile and some delightful conversation. Because what it all distills down to is that I have a simple desire to connect with people through pretty little things that spark joy. Life is simple for me in that way. 

So I created this shop for me and for everyone like me. First of all, I wanted to create a beauty experience that was modern, bold, bright and fun! I approach beauty as a form of expression and entertainment. I really don't like when it's taken so seriously. It's supposed to make you happy, so let's have some fun with it, right?

I also wanted to create this shop to celebrate the ingenuity and tenacity of small independent business owners. I am in awe of their drive and passion to create a product and all the work it takes to make it a reality in this world. My dream is for this site to be a place where you can discover something you that you've never heard of before and absolutely love it so much. 

And I wanted to create a beauty brand that recognizes beauty and personal care as an appreciative experience. It's not about looking a certain way or following certain trends. The time and resources you invest in yourself is an important piece of caring for your personal wellbeing. (I have a personal experience in this matter that I will gladly share with you later). 

Last, but not least I wanted to open a place that is above all friendly and approachable. There are too many beauty stores out there that are overwhelming with the products they are hawking. And these places will gladly sell you product regardless of wether or not it's the right fit. At Launch Party I want to help you find the exact product you want, even if we don't carry it. But hopefully we do! Always feel free to reach out to me at for advice. For now, I'm literally the only employee, so you know you've got the big boss lady on the line. 

That, in a nutshell, is what it's about! Amazing products, supporting small businesses, killer service, and top tips. I hope you love it as much as me.

Party on– 


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