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Starting At Zero

Posted by Brittany Cochran on

Can I just take a moment to acknowledge how new beginnings are really freaking scary?

To even approach this subject in a written and very public way is even beyond the comfort zone that I am used to. I am really into one on one conversations–I'm super social and I can hold a conversation about anything with anyone. But being open and vulnerable online–in writing–yikes. That is a lot for me. If I'm being real, this is a giant hurdle to get myself over. And this is my first attempt to do just that.

In the process of getting Launch Party up and running I'm finding that it is stretching and growing me in ways I didn't realize it would. I am literally starting at zero. No followers. No customers. Just a dream and a fair amount of debt. Can you imagine? 

In part, this is why I'm so passionate about working with independent brands. I connect deeply to the stories of entrepreneurs making a products in their home kitchen, going to trade shows, flea markets, anywhere to get their products in front of customers. I can now relate in a very real way to their struggle and dedication. That feeling of launching a brand into the world when the outcome is very very much unknown. 

I remind myself that everyone and every business has to start at the beginning, and find their way. Even J Lo wasn't built in a day! We're going to stumble, make mistakes, live, learn and grow. Whatever happens I'm here for being honest, open and learning through it all. 

Party on–



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