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Time to prep your skin for cold weather

Posted by Brittany Cochran on

For the partiers in northern states, like me, winter is already bearing down. I try to stay positive and remember all the things that I love about the winter season. I love wearing beanies. I love layering pieces. I love Christmas lights and hot toddys. See–winter doesn't totally suck! 

But the dryness, irritation and chapped angry skin that come along with the season is no fun. To keep skin happy throughout the brutal cold months means several adjustments. But it IS possible to maintain your glow. Take our advice–

Dial it back

Take it easy on the heat. Home heating creates a dry atmosphere that is literally sucking the moisture out of your skin. Put on a sweater, grab a blanket, and keep that thermostat low. It's not only better for your skin, using less energy to heat your environment is also better for the earth. #ftw 

Exfoliation is necessary

You've got to rid your skin of the expired outer layers in order for your products to reach the cells that require nutrients to thrive. This is especially true in the winter when our skin dehydrates much gently exfoliating on schedule. 

Pump up the moisture

Ok, this one may seem like a no-brainer, but it shouldn't go without saying that a increasing the amount of moisturizing products will keep your skin more moisturized. It's simple math! Consider adding an ampoule or a serum with hyaluronic acid to your regimine to hydrate from deeper within your skin to keep cells plump. And choose a moisturizer that is thicker and richer and includes skin soothing ingredients like calendula, chamomile, aloe or hemp oil.

Finish with a facial oil

This is my gospel so let me PREACH. I don't care if you have acne or an oily complexion a facial oil is your friend! It won't do you wrong hon, I promise! Adding an oil to your regimen will seal all that moisture in and keep it from evaporating in the dry air. Your skin needs these oils and–here's the rub–if it doesn't have them, it will frantically produce it on its own! This overproduction causes a buildup of sebum that mixes with dead skin cells that clogs pores and leads to whole host of problems. Do yourself a massive solid and just add a few drops of oil as the last step in your daily skin prep. Trust honey, you will see the difference!

Protect your pout

They often get overlooked, but please bbs, protect your lips. Apply a healing ointment daily will help prevent chapped lips. Applying a healing ointment at night is a great way to keep your kissers healthy and happy. 

See, great skin in the winter is possible! Just believe, and fortify with a few skin essentials. 

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