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Act+Acre is the future of haircare

Posted by Brittany Cochran on

Act+Acre wants you to treat your scalp as good as the rest of your skin. 

It seems so simple, and yet, it's actually revolutionary. Act+Acre is challenging the status quo in haircare by focusing on scalp health—not synthetic additives—as a means to achieving the most out of our tresses.

Conventional hair care brands favor ingredients that prioritize short term benefits over the long-term wellness of the hair and the consumer. The traditional process of mixing haircare formulas uses high heat to combine all ingredients—the result of which, significantly decreases the efficacy of any natural ingredients. 

Act+Acre founder Helen Reavey partnered with scientists to adapt biochemical engineering technology for hair products. The result is a hyperbaric chamber that uses ice cold water and 1,200 pounds of pressure to combine their ingredients. And what we get from this cold-processing technology is a formula that maintains the integrity and efficacy of all of the natural ingredients that support a balanced and healthy scalp. It's actually pretty genius.


And while we've all been focusing on how to coax ever more shine and life from each strand, the actual solution is far more simple: Nurture the roots. 

A healthy scalp is essential for hair growth and hair quality, and on the flip side, an unhealthy scalp can actually obstruct hair growth. Sweat and product buildup can also prevent any nutrients from reaching your follicle. Your hair might look fine, but the root isn't getting what it needs to thrive. 

Underlying scalp irritation can also affect volume, shine and bounce. And even more seriously, can cause breakage, hair thinning and premature hair loss.

Act+Acre's patented cold-processing allows their formula to deliver more nutrient-rich ingredients to the scalp and hair, by preserving the potency of important vitamins and minerals, like vitamin E, which is delivered directly to the hair follicle.

And it's more environmentally friendly. The production of Act+Acre is over 90% more energy efficient than traditional heat processing—and less means less pollution in the environment. Their packaging is also fully recyclable and they source their ingredients from partners who also subscribe to sustainable business practices and living wages for their employees.

And we would be remiss to include that Act+Acre is officially carbon neutral too!

Act+Acre is a brand challenging our every assumption about what hair care can do. The results you see from a healthy and balanced scalp, is at last, unlocking our hair's full potential.  

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